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Shariah-compliant investing

We offer a number of Islamic unit trust funds that are managed in accordance with Shariah-compliant investment guidelines established by leading global Islamic institutions. The guidelines conform to universal ethical and socially responsible principles. These options and the remaining stocks are evaluated according to a series of financial ratio filters. Our funds are mindful of the avoidance of interest or Riba.

Our funds are managed by a portfolio manager with extensive investment experience and supported by a highly respected Shariah Advisory and Supervisory Board.

Investing is easy

Investing in one of our Shariah-compliant funds is easy. Please speak to your financial adviser about your fund and manager options. You can also contact our client service team for information on the administration process. If you are ready to invest, you can access our application forms here.

Non-permissible income

To ensure that our funds comply with Shariah law we deduct all non-permissible income (interest or Riba) from the total income distribution due to investors. We donate this non-permissible income on behalf of our investors to registered charitable organisations.

Our fund range

South African Funds


Global Funds

Invest in Shariah-compliant unit trust funds, which are also available as tax-free options. Our range of complementary equity and multi-asset class funds are clearly differentiated by expected risk and return characteristics.

Most of our unit trust funds are also available on Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP) platforms.

Our South African unit trust fund range is offered by Camissa Collective Investments (RF) Limited, a member of the Association for Savings and Investment SA (ASISA) and a registered management company in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

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South African Funds


Global Funds

Camissa Global Asset Management ICAV is an Irish collective asset-management vehicle with a registered office in Ireland. It is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to offer mutual funds based in Europe (known as “Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities” (UCITS) funds). Our UCITS funds are authorised by Sector 65 of the Collective Schemes Control Act to be sold to investors in South Africa.

These Ireland domiciled UCITS funds are offered by Camissa Global Asset Management ICAV, with all investment management executed by Camissa Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. Camissa Global Asset Management ICAV is entirely independent of Camissa Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.

Our South African domiciled feeder funds are offered by Camissa Collective Investments (RF) Limited, a member of the Association for Savings and Investment SA (ASISA) and a registered management company in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

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Investment philosophy

In addition to the overriding aim of providing superior investment performance based on our proven investment philosophy, our Islamic funds also seek to deliver a high level of integrity:

  • Transparency
    We believe that the socially conscious investor’s need for full transparency outweighs our risk of commercial encroachment (competitors replicating our process or shadowing our portfolios).
  • Experience
    Our team of experienced equity analysts and the use of our extensive systems and database, lend considerable support to the process of verifying the Shariah eligibility of selected stocks.
  • Active engagement
    Our Shariah advisers are directly involved in setting up the investment process and are an integral part of the final stock screening and monitoring process.
  • Pro-activeness and buy in
    We firmly believe in the underlying ethical principles of Islamic Finance and that the aim is to provide moral investment exposure rather than a blind following of rules. To this end, a stock that may pass through the qualitative and financial screens can still be excluded on closer judgment by our Shariah advisers.

Investment process

Our Islamic funds will generally be fully invested in a diversified portfolio of equity securities, subject to the statutory investment limitations and their respective asset allocation strategies. The funds will ensure that the underlying investments comply with Shariah requirements as prescribed by recognised regulatory bodies.

In order to achieve the funds’ objectives, our team follows a unique investment process that combines a valuation-based, ‘bottom-up’ stock-picking strategy with a data-driven, statistical investment approach. Over and above this approach, several filtering layers are implemented, namely an industry screen, financial screens and an additional screening for companies highlighted for inclusion.

Screening process

Industry screen
This is where all stocks with a primary business involvement in the following areas are excluded from the investment universe. These include certain entertainment areas such as gambling and pornography, alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products and all types of conventional finance.

Financial screens
In addition to passing the industry screen, stocks must meet a series of financial criteria to ascertain eligibility for inclusion into the investor universe.

Additional screening
In the event that a screened share is selected, based on investment merit, additional checks that incorporate both financial and qualitative analysis are applied.

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