A diverse team of independent thinkers

A diverse team of independent thinkers

We are a stable team of investment professionals with an extensive combined investment experience of over 100 years. Harnessing our diverse skills contributes to superior investment thinking and, ultimately, leads to excellent results for our investors.

Our people bring together a rich mix of investment ideas, drawing from diverse formal training and academic backgrounds such as economics, finance, engineering, statistics, actuarial science, and accounting. We approach investment problems from different, sometimes unorthodox angles.

Our investment team is known for its:

  • Flexible, curious and questioning orientation.
  • Inner drive and competitiveness to achieve superior performance.
  • Strong intellectual ability and the drive to apply it deeply.
  • Courage and conviction to pursue original, unconventional thinking.
  • Confidence to be contrarian in their actions.
  • Perspective and emotional detachment.

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