'Magic cash' the only option for many in SA – Business Day

One in every two South Africans with credit is behind on payments, according to the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Little wonder then, that the country’s retailers are reporting slower growth, with those heavily reliant on credit taking the worst beating. view article

Agencies expected to downgrade SA's rating – Business Report

In seven days, international rating agencies Standard & Poor (S&P) and Fitch are expected to downgrade South Africa’s local currency rating. According to a note by Morgan Stanley, the agencies are expected to downgrade South Africa’s sovereign rating to BBB+ from A- next Friday. view article

Stable local coal market – Financial Mail

Forecasts for thermal coal prices over the next five years are mixed, making it difficult for investors to know whether to buy, hold or sell their coal shares. view article 500 cash advance loan

Businesses coming under cash stress – New Age

Experts warned that insolvency and liquidations rate are likely to spike in months ahead due to poor business activity shown in the latest Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), but some analysts argued that business rescue can create new investment opportunities in SA, with Chinese companies most interested. view article

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